We are very happy to allow Worship Lyric Videos to be used for the purposes of streaming services for your congregation online. Please click here for more info.

If you have a support question, please see if the answer can be found in the following FAQs. If not, you can contact us (details below).

I received an email notifying me that you have updated some videos, what has changed?

We occasionally issue updates to videos, often in response to user requests. These are offered free of charge to anyone who purchased an earlier version. To see a history of changes, please visit this page: UpdatedSongs

What exactly is the difference between the 'With Vocals' and 'Instrumental' versions?

With vocal versions: Contain the backing track with a lead vocal (and the lyrics shown on the screen). These are recommended in situations where you want a vocal guide to help lead your congregation.

Instrumental versions: Contain the backing track with no lead vocal part (and the lyrics shown on the screen). These are recommended in situations where you already have someone to vocally lead your congregation.

Are these videos compatible with the iSingWorship app?

Although these videos are produced by the iSingWorship team they are NOT compatible with the iSingWorship app which uses an advanced proprietary file format. If you wish to use the app, please download the app (www.isingworship.org) and purchase songs from the iSingWorship song store. However, these videos are compatible with almost all computers and mobile devices and will run from most media players and presenter software packages. Please download the free video before purchasing to check that it works as you expect with your system.

I have noticed a typo or there is something else I would like changed on an existing video, can I request an update?

Yes, please let us know if you spot anything, contact us via the form below and we will issue a free update where appropriate.

Does my church's CCLI number cover the use of these videos?

Yes, if your church has a CCLI number, you are automatically covered for the projection of the lyrics continued in these videos. This also covers the use of these videos for any other groups meeting as part of your church’s activities (such as small groups, kids groups, outreach events etc). For more information on CCLI, please visit their web site at www.ccli.com

I am having problems with the purchase or download of the videos, what should I do?

Our music & lyric videos are sold by the online store, Wayopay. If you have any issues to do with your purchasing, billing or downloading, please email them at support@wayopay.com

I have purchased some of the standard (blue) background videos but would now like the same songs with motion backgrounds, can I get an discount?

Yes of course. If you contact us via the form below letting us know the email address you used to make your original purchases, we will email you a voucher giving a 50% discount on the equivalent motion videos.

Which format do these videos come in?

All our videos are high quality, Full HD (also known as 1080p HD format), 1920 x 1080 and are MP4 compatible.

Can I get audio only versions of the songs used in these videos (eg: to listen to at home)?

Yes, these are available from our sister site: www.worshipaudiotracks.com

If you have a question regarding billing, receipts or purchasing, please contact our retailer, Wayopay (support@wayopay.com).

If you have any other question about the videos, please contact us directly via this form and we will do our best to help:

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