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What People Say

"Fantastic! great sound balance, easy to learn songs, great layout and size. These are awesome!"

"Worship Lyric Videos is an excellent resource. The songs are very well produced and arranged perfectly for congregational singing. Our older members appreciate the inclusion of traditional hymns in your song list."

"I love the consistent visual and audio experience for each song. Congregation never feels "lost" and can always participate."

"They are brilliant - allowing us to use new songs, but to ensure that they are congregational friendly"

"I appreciate the quality of the videos and the selection available. I especially like that there are no long instrumental interludes. The song list including themes and having the search option is very useful. The addition of current popular songs has been very helpful."

"I love the videos! Incredible value & our people really worship with them, I love the lengths and the singable keys!"

"This has been literally a Godsend to us. Thank you. Has a good selection of old and new songs."

"We find these videos ideal in that we are able to sing a range of songs and hymns in our church which currently doesn't have any live musicians"

"I really like how contemporary they are.... that you have condensed the newer songs to be no more than 5 minutes long and deleted the long musical interludes. I like the prompt at the bottom of the screen to show when the next part is coming in."

"Easy to use, great selection, blessed to have found it online!"

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